Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lot of you may already know, but for those who don't I have a daughter who is in Heaven. Her name is Emma Susan and she died from unknown causes as an infant in 2001. I found following her death that keepsakes with her name meant the world to me. At that time I had a difficult time finding the right jewelry to wear to represent how I felt about her, and to show others that even though they couldn't tell I was a mother by just looking at me, that I was still a mother. The name of my jewelry business is "Inspired Creations By Heidi". What inspired me to start making jewelry about 8 months ago? My sweet Emma, and all of the parents of angel babies I've met along the way. My favorite jewelry to create is memorial jewelry. I guess it's because I know that my hands are creating something while my heart pours love and empathy into the piece, and I hope and pray that the piece will bring comfort to those left behind. Also, feel free to pass on my info to anyone you know suffering from the loss of a loved one as I always have a listening ear.

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